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This easy to prepare recipe is delicious and perfect for any dinner guests. The stuffing is very flavourful with the cranberry and cream cheese combination. Recipe compliments of    

This recipe for Crock Pot dressing is so good you won’t even know it didn’t come out of the turkey. Using a crock pot verses stuffing the whole turkey also saves time in roasting time in the oven by at least 1-2 hours depending on the size of the turkey. Fill the cavity of the turkey […]

Cook from frozen. Grill 10 minutes on medium heat. Turn, continue cooking 8-10 minutes or until juices run clear. London Broil- ‘Turkey Style’ We take spiced turkey sausage and wrap it in tender turkey breast, then cut into 1/2 inch circular patties. Try this delicious marinated in white wine & minced garlic. Marinated, covered, refrigerate […]

This casserole is a definite time saver. It is so easy to prepare. A real crowd pleaser loaded up with pasta and cheese!

Enjoy a beautiful summer day on the patio with this light and fresh summer pasta salad that serves 4.

Whether you enjoy Quiche as breakfast, lunch, or dinner – this Mediterranean Inspired Turkey Quiche will leave you wanting more. Homemade or store bought pie shells will work well with this recipe. This recipe yields 2 quiches using store bought crust.