Whole Birds Recipes

CHOOSING YOUR HAYTER’S FARM TURKEY:  HOW BIG OF A TURKEY DO YOU NEED? 12-15lb turkey for 10-12 people 15-18lb turkey for 14-16 people 18-22lb turkey for 20-22 people     PREPARING YOUR HAYTER’S FARM TURKEY FOR ROASTING: Remove the neck and bag of giblets from inside the turkey. Reserve giblets for gravy or dressing, if […]

Internationally award winning author of the Best Local Food Cookbook in the World, LYNN OGRYZLO has a Hayter’s recipe in her new book, The Ontario Table. The book celebrates the best food and wine from around the province. Grower stories introduce consumers to the people who grow our food. The Ontario Table is both a […]

This is going to be one of your favorite barbecue recipes: whole BBQ turkey cooked directly on the barbecue grill. Not only can it be done, it is actually pretty easy. And it tastes absolutely fabulous. It is best done with a smaller bird to ensure that it gets properly cooked all the way through. […]