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WHAT MAKES TURKEY A SUPERFOOD*? Superfoods are packed full of essential nutrients and minerals, with none of the excessive fat and calories that can negatively impact health. SUPER DELICIOUS, SUPER NUTRITIOUS Turkey is such a nutritional powerhouse that it is the only meat protein to have ever been labeled a superfood*. This tasty, lean protein […]

If you’re stuck on what protein to add to your dinners, turkey should be highly considered. Depending on how turkey is prepared  It is  low in fat and can be prepared in so many healthy ways. Here are a few nutritional facts about turkey that you might not have known: Protein Power Just one serving […]

If you are like over 50% of the population, you have made a New Years resolution to eat healthier and loss weight.  The health clubs will be  packed  and we’ve been researching on some helpful tips to assist in succeeding in your resolution. Studies show that protein mixed in with your carbs is ideal for a post […]

Probably because you’ve over ate! Festive meals usually include appetizers, alcohol then a large meal and of course some delicious apple or pumpkin pie. Your body has to send extra energy to process all that food and  you wonder why your tired? Yes, it is true turkey contains an amino acid called L-tryptophan, which the human […]

1. A frozen turkey can be purchased the day before you plan to cook it.   True                           False   2. When shopping, the turkey should be the last thing you pick up before heading to the checkout. True                           False   3. When handling turkey and other food, hands should be rinsed in luke-warm water.   True                           False   […]

Our children’s good health and wellbeing is paramount as parents. Good nutrition is a real blessing in our community. We have fresh meat, fruit and vegetables available year round so that following Canada’s Food Guide is made easier for our children to meet their dietary needs. But, that is ‘easier said than done’ sometimes.  Perhaps, you have a child that turns up […]

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in the grains wheat, rye, barley and triticale. It is also present in the ancient forms of wheat, known as kamut and spelt. This protein is responsible for the elasticity of dough that helps baked goods bind together. What is Gluten Free Foods? Foods that do not […]

Whether you marinade, tenderize or just add spices to your meat, the challenge can be keeping it healthy without compromising taste. Some bottled marinades and sauces contain a lot of added sugar, sodium or fat. If you use bottled sauce most of us read the nutrition label, but it is the portion size that can become the issue, […]

One of the most common mistakes in out door cooking is taking the frozen meat out to the BBQ on a plate and then using the same plate to bring the cooked meat to the table. I am so surprised to hear people say “Oh, it’s okay, the meat was frozen.” The plate still can have […]