One of the most common mistakes in out door cooking is taking the frozen meat out to the BBQ on a plate and then using the same plate to bring the cooked meat to the table. I am so surprised to hear people say “Oh, it’s okay, the meat was frozen.” The plate still can have harmful bacteria on it or as the plate sits beside the BBQ it gets nice and warm. A great place for Salmonella to grow.  Same rule applies to your utensils. Have two sets, one for raw and one for cooked. Using different coloured utensils are especially helpful if you have lots of cooks or younger children assisting the Head BBQ Chef.

To ensure your tasty burgers are cooked to perfection, insert an instant thermometer  through the side of burger, not through the top for an accurate reading. Internal temperature should be 170F/77C.  This method of checking temperature is good for any meat that is less than two  inches thick.

To Keep Condiments cool on these hot days or if you are having a fundraiser and the condiments will be out for an extended period of time, put ice in a large bowl, lay a tea towel over the ice and put your condiments in the bowl. (The towel will keep condiments from getting soaked). Another option;  if  you have  another bowl slightly smaller, place it in the larger bowl with the ice.

For Salads and Appetizer I use the double bowl method as well. For shrimp, put water in the serving tray and freeze. Keep shrimp slightly frozen. Lay lettuce on frozen water and layer shrimp on top.

Keep food covered. Flies  carry many germs and generally don’t taste too good either. Pour drinks that are in cans into plastic glasses (with lid if available). Bees & wasp love the sweet drinks, unfortunately it hurts very much when you discover too late a bee or wasp is enjoying it as well.

Party Over? Don’t forget to refrigerate meat promptly from the grill. Bacteria will start to grow in high temperatures very quickly.

Salmonellosis symptoms generally occur within 6 to 72 hours after ingesting the bacteria in food, water or other environmental sources, and last 4 to 7 days.