About Us

At Hayter's Farm, our family has been serving up taste and tradition since 1948. For three generations, we have been dedicated to offering local, wholesome, farm-fresh turkey that is free of any added hormones or steroids. It is part of our heritage and something that we proudly continue to this day.

Turkey is all we do! We know it takes a comfortable and healthy turkey to create a quality product. As the only turkey farm in Canada that raises birds and processes our products on-site, our hands-on approach and humane handling of turkeys means that you can be confident you are getting the best turkey products available.

From turkey filets and roasts to burgers and wings, our family-run, farm-to-fork operation delivers a wide range of turkey products that can be enjoyed daily in your home. Our ever-evolving product line offers marinated, convenient, high in protein, lean, and local turkey. We may have adapted and innovated our farming practices over our 75-year history, but our reputation for outstanding taste, freshness, and nutrition has always remained.

Ready to taste the Hayter’s difference? Find us at your local grocer or visit us at our farm in Dashwood, Ontario.

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Our Logo
Our logo helps tell the story of our family farm, located in Dashwood, Ontario. Our home is the place where our first and second generations grew up. The willow tree out front is where the three generations played and gathered for family photos. The three turkeys represent the three generations of our family who are working together to share our passion for wholesome turkey. The house, willow tree, and open-sided barns can all be seen when you visit our retail store.