If you are like over 50% of the population, you have made a New Years resolution to eat healthier and loss weight.  The health clubs will be  packed  and we’ve been researching on some helpful tips to assist in succeeding in your resolution.

Studies show that protein mixed in with your carbs is ideal for a post workout snack. We might be biased but there is no better nutrition packed protein than Turkey. It is important to replenish and repair your muscles after your work outs.

Losing weight is a math equation: 3400 calories = 1 pound               

                     The best way to loose weight and keep it off is slowly. Small changes you can live with is the best way to achieve your goal and keep it. Example: if you drink pop every day and reduce your intake by 1 can a day in 23 days you will have lost 1lb Replace the pop with water before every meal and the results will be higher. That is without doing anything else!

It is recommended we need at least 30 minutes of activity a day for adults and 1 hour for children, for us to stay heart healthy and bonus the benefit of looking better. A lot of people say “they don’t have a half hour or 1 hour to dedicate to exercise.” No worries, you don’t have to do it all at once. You can do 3 – 10 minute activities, like walking. But I warn you, once you make the commitment and start to get exercise the endorphins released are additive and you will start making more time for activities.

Don’t like cold weather? Take a walk in a mall, go swimming (many hotels allow non guests to use their facilities for a nominal fee). Do you work where there are stairs? Instead of taking breaks over coffee and pastry, climb the stairs for 10 minutes twice a day.

Join a team: bowling, volleyball, ball-hockey to name a few.

Of course if you do enjoy the winter season, ice skating, hockey and cross country skiing are awesome sports to get your heart rate up.

We also need that extra Vitamin D in the winter, so try and get out on the sunny days and take a walk. The trees are so pretty after a snow fall. Become a ‘Birder’ there are beautiful winter birds to enjoy. In the winter, when people hibernate we tend to get depressed from lack of sunshine. So get outside and get your free Vitamin D from the sunshine. You only need 10 minutes a day. You will feel better inside and out resulting in feeling more motivated to keep that New Year Resolution!