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1. Look for the SIZE that best suits your needs. These guidelines will give you approximately 3lbs of leftovers. The ratio is based on adults. Reduce in half for young children: 4 to 10 people:  10 – 15lb (4 – 7 kg) 12 to 30 people:  16 –  26lb (9 – 12kg) We recommend  1lb per person for a turkey […]

If you are like over 50% of the population, you have made a New Years resolution to eat healthier and loss weight.  The health clubs will be  packed  and we’ve been researching on some helpful tips to assist in succeeding in your resolution. Studies show that protein mixed in with your carbs is ideal for a post […]

Traditionally we are familiar with the perfect roasted Turkey coming out of the oven all golden brown and ready to dig into. But, is this the only way to enjoy a turkey? Below there are some other cooking options with pros and cons for you to decide what is the best fit for you to enjoy this […]