Traditionally we are familiar with the perfect roasted Turkey coming out of the oven all golden brown and ready to dig into. But, is this the only way to enjoy a turkey? Below there are some other cooking options with pros and cons for you to decide what is the best fit for you to enjoy this seasons delicious turkey dinner.


PROS: Deep-Frying a turkey is gaining huge success and is a relatively new way to enjoy your roasted turkey. Feed back from having a deep-fryed turkey say, “It is very moist and not greasy at all.” The other reason it has become so popular a 15-17lb turkey is done in only 45 MINUTES. Which is reason enough for some people to try this method. It is deep-fried in peanut oil usually but other oil can be used, cooked at a very high heat which claims the turkey is seared very quickly and therefore the grease is not absorbed.

CONS: The down side to this cooking method is you cannot stuff the turkey and you are restricted  to a maximum size of 17lb for most retail turkey fryers. Can be purchased at  Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart’s or on-line . Weather is also an influence because the deep fryer has to be outside.



PROS: Barbequing the turkey has advantages, as it frees up the oven for other dishes. Some models have a rotisserie option which ensures an even cooked  golden turkey. It cooks quicker that a conventional oven as well.

CONS: Some gas BBQ have hot spots and requires more monitoring due to potential hot spots on the BBQ  and weather is certainly a factor as well.



PROS: Very easy to do. Only need to add envelope of onion soup mix.

CONS: Takes 8 hours and you probably have to cut up the whole turkey to fit in crock pot. If you can find one that big.