Whether you marinade, tenderize or just add spices to your meat, the challenge can be keeping it healthy without compromising taste. Some bottled marinades and sauces contain a lot of added sugar, sodium or fat.

If you use bottled sauce most of us read the nutrition label, but it is the portion size that can become the issue, as most of us free pour and don’t measure.

Reduce fat by trying a  fat-free Zesty Italian Dressing and add minced garlic and ginger  for marinating turkey and chicken.

Lower calories A can of diet ginger ale with rings of thinly sliced onions and garlic is great for slow cooking Ribs.

Lower calories & Sodium with Homemade BBQ Sauce. It a healthier choice than the store brands and very tasty!  Use honey instead of white sugar in most recipes. Honey is natural and good for you.  For the complete recipe; Click on  “Our Recipes at top of page, search for PauliAnna’s Healthy BBQ Sauce.

Of course there are many spices on the market that are salt free. Mrs. Dash is one of the most familiar ones, but there are some new ones from Club House that are very good. Just mix with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and brush on your meat and let soak in. Grill, brushing on a bit more as you cook it. NEVER RE-USE MARINADE THAT HAS BEEN IN RAW MEAT

New salad dressings are out now  that are calorie free and fat free that I use as marinades or brushing on my meat just prior to serving.

The Garlic Box in Hensall makes many healthy sauces and spices. All made with Ontario garlic. They also have a  sodium free Poultry Rub that is awesome. Available exclusively at Hayter’s Retail Store in Dashwood.