Chef Eddington Recipes

Naan bread is a great alternative for homemade pizza. Naan bread is a popular Indian/Asian flatbread used for many applications. You can purchase Naan bread at almost any grocery store.        

Eddington’s contemporary Italian pancetta turkey tenderloin Served with sun-dried tomato polenta and pan roasted zucchini Wine pairing: Rocca Delle Macie Chianti Classico, Italy Medium bodied, plum, sweet tobacco, mushroom, and a touch of oak: complex finish.  Eddington’s of Exeter Casual Fine Dining Exeter, On N0M 1S1 519-235-3030        

A light tasting appetizer, or add a salad and a  tropical rice and Voila! A delicious dinner that is unique and sure to delight your special guest Compliments of our own chef James Eddington

This is the Mantra I use whether in the kitchen or in my everyday life. The Five  P’s of success: Prior ~ Preparation ~ Prevents ~ Poor ~ Performance Using this formula you can attend your OWN party. Have your appetizers and hors d’oeuvres ready and dinner prepped  before your guests arrive! Cooking is about using all of your senses. Be creative. Remember […]

This basic tomato recipe is very adaptable to any recipe. Making it as spicy or mellow as you prefer. yet.  There is nothing as juicy as locally grown tomatoes. So make a few batches and freeze in zip lock bag. Homemade sauce ready when you are.

Buy local when at all possible. Keep mushrooms in a cool dry place. Refrigerate in an open brown paper bag. Do not keep in plastic bags and never wash until ready to use!   To Blanch your vegetables. Submerge into boiling water for a 3 minutes, remove and place in ice cold water. This process […]

The great thing about a chutney is that is can be used in so many applications. It makes a fantastic topping for Hayter’s Turkey as well as a simple appetizer. Once you established your chutney base, you can also “pear” your fruits to each season. Taste chutney and make sure it suits you palate. Not […]

~Glass conducts heat better than metal, so lower oven temperature by 25 degrees if using glass. ~Wooden or Plastic cutting boards only, everything else dulls your knife. ~Put onions in freezer 20 minutes before chopping. This will help with the tears! ~To prevent discoloration of low acid foods once cut, squeeze ½ fresh lemon and toss […]

Be consistent with your flour when baking. Different brands vary in protein content and therefore will change the flavour and texture of your final product. Olives are a fruit. Try substituting olive oil when baking. Place an apple wedge with left over cake when refrigerating, this will help keep it moist Parchment paper makes your life […]