Chef Eddington

Let’s face it, standing out back over the barbecue is much better than standing in the kitchen over the oven during summer. It’s less hot and meals seem easier to cook. With summer just around the corner and warmer days ahead (fingers crossed), it’s a sure bet you’ll be spending more time grilling turkey burgers […]

The four basic flavours are: Sweet Salty Sour Bitter There are four others that you may not be aware of: Pungent: Peppercorns or Chili Peppers Astringent: Spinach or Tea Cooling: Mint Umami: Mushrooms Experiment! Step outside you culinary comfort zone!

Be consistent with your flour when baking. Different brands vary in protein content and therefore will change the flavour and texture of your final product. Olives are a fruit. Try substituting olive oil when baking. Place an apple wedge with left over cake when refrigerating, this will help keep it moist Parchment paper makes your life […]

Garnish your food: eyes are the first to feast. A small amount of vinegar will enhance the flavor of anything you’re cooking; from chutney’s to poultry and even seafood. Add a touch of vinegar either during the marinating or cooking process. Onions can add flavour to just about every dish. A small amount of salt […]