Garnish your food: eyes are the first to feast.

A small amount of vinegar will enhance the flavor of anything you’re cooking; from chutney’s to poultry and even seafood. Add a touch of vinegar either during the marinating or cooking process.

Onions can add flavour to just about every dish.

A small amount of salt will enhance other natural flavors.

Button mushrooms help enhance the flavor of any food they are cooked with.

Sweeten your  sauces or  soups  with honey rather than sugar.  Honey has nutrients not found in sugar

Heavy cream holds flavour to your taste buds longer, so add it to your sauces. It also balances acidy and sharpness of flavors.

Eggs Benny: When poaching an egg, add a small amount of white vinegar to the water. This will help maintain the integrity of the egg.   Try poaching an egg in tomato juice and white wine.

To maximize flavor in stocks  and thin sauces, reduce quantity in half by heating on low/medium heat.

Flavour up the Grill. Save your left over fresh herb stems and trimmings. Toss in BBQ for a natural flavour when grilling.

Zest is the outermost part of a citrus fruit. Grate this when creating salad dressings, sauces, summer cocktails and garnishing plates. Take care not to go beyond the outer layer as the white pith is bitter and less flavorful.