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The ‘Ease and Please’ Boneless Roast. Just roast and serve. Delicious homemade turkey dinner without all the prep work. Perfect for turkey sandwiches, Stir-fry  and Cobb Salad. Available in 3lb, 5lb and 10lb Roast. Yield is 1/2lb per person. http://www.haytersfarm.com/our-products/seasoned/    

Summer is here and we are so ready for it. Bring on the sunshine and back yard BBQ parties with family and friends. Our Teriyaki Kabobs is made with our own marinade recipe of white grape juice, soy sauce, canola oil, onion & garlic spices blended together and tenderized to perfection. Of course if you have a favourite marinade […]

This tender breast is trimmed of all fat and skin. Lightly drenched in a perfect blend of spices and cheeses that complement turkey perfectly. Delicious, pan-fried with onions and mushrooms. So quick and easy, 3-4 minutes each side. With September looming and  back to school shopping  our busy schedules leave limited time for time in the kitchen creating […]

Made with 100% Breast meat. Marinated with a perfect blend of Soya Sauce, White Grape Juice, onion and garlic. All ready for your BBQ. Excellent grilled with fresh zucchini, red peppers, shitake mushrooms and sweet onions. Delicious made easy!   http://www.haytersfarm.com/our-products/teriyaki/    

Made with 100% Breast meat. A healthy choice, tender and oh, so tasty. Great for the grill. Turkey breast Kabobs are excellent with fruit or vegetable marinades. Recipe ideas? http://www.haytersfarm.com/our-products/turkey-kabobs-unseasoned/