Alphabetically Listed Recipes

There is nothing more delicious that a refreshing Wrap on a beautiful spring day. Just in time, try a Turkey Wrap with a unique sauce that will be sure to put a spring in your palate!

This delicious breast is the tenderloin inside the breast. Very tender and perfect for grilling on the bbq. Because it is skinless, we recommend brushing with olive oil before grilling and cook over a med low heat to prevent overcooking this succulent meat. Delicious as an entrée, served with Brocoli cheese Rice.

These jumbo wings will fill the largest of appetite. Keep an eye on the wings when broiling, the honey will burn easily. If you prefer to BBQ these beauties. BBQ on low heat and turn frequently. Increase heat to medium for final browning.  

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a hearty bowl of Irish Stew, with a twist, the Turkey way! You’ll have the most suspicious of leprechauns asking for seconds of this nontraditional St. Paddy’s favourite!

Nothing says  comfort food like meatloaf. Re-think the traditional meatloaf by trying our modern meatloaf recipe. No loaf pans required and such delicious ingredients – there is no need to disguise it! ~ Recipe submitted by Turkey Farmers of Canada

This lemon recipe is light and refreshing, not a heavy marinade which is perfect  for a late dinner or excellent in a Spinach Salad. Try it with Arugula. The nutty flavour of the Arugula and the mild lemon blends together quite nicely.

Treat your sweet-heart this Valentine’s Day with heart smart Turkey Breast tenderloin. This cut of turkey is virtually fat-free so indulge yourself. Pairs lovely with a spinach salad and slightly dry white wine. Add candles and romantic music a perfect evening guaranteed.  

A flavourful twist to the usual meatball sauce. Enjoy alone as an appetizer or as meal over rice!  

Naan bread is a great alternative for homemade pizza. Naan bread is a popular Indian/Asian flatbread used for many applications. You can purchase Naan bread at almost any grocery store.