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Supersize your wings for the Super bowl game by using turkey wings instead — bigger, meatier! Boil the wings ahead of time so you can simply coat them in the sauces and bake when guests are over. Make two different varieties so that guests will be wowed with their tasty options! Recipe courtesy of Ontario Turkey […]

A great way to use up leftover turkey and perfectly paired with apples that are in season right now. This tasty turkey salad sandwich will be a delicious  surprise using apples and cranberries to add flavor and texture.

  Lower calories, Fat & Sodium with my Homemade BBQ Sauce. It a healthier choice than the store brands and very tasty!  Use  honey instead of white sugar wherever you can in recipes. Honey is natural and really good for you. The beauty of this recipe is you can adapt it to whatever kind of  BBQ sauce you want. Mild, spicy or […]

Created by our own Dave Maguire, Hayter’s  HACCP coordinator. Use your favourite pre-marinated Fillet, pair with delicious Portobello mushrooms, and blue cheese ~ it’s an explosion of flavour!  It is absolutely delicious on a Panini or with fresh pasta and grilled Asparagus.    

1/2 Cup Whole berry Cranberry Sauce (homemade the best of course) 1 cup  low-fat Kraft Miracle Whip Salad Dressing 2 Tablespoon minced garlic, fresh or jarred Mix all together and add a dollop to your delicious burger or serve in your turkey wrap! Can be warmed up and served over Roasted turkey breast or schnitzel. Refrigerate unused […]

Spice up your lunches with this mouth-watering apple curry turkey recipe. It’s quick, easy and packed with nutrients! This recipe combines sweet and tangy – and a bit of crunch. This is a great source for protein and will keep you going through a busy day.

There is nothing more delicious that a refreshing Wrap on a beautiful spring day. Just in time, try a Turkey Wrap with a unique sauce that will be sure to put a spring in your palate!