The trick to this easy, favourite Quiche is using Bisquick. No pie crust required, it forms it’s own! Using Hayter’s Turkey Bacon reduces saturated fats. Delicious served with Hayter’s Maple Sausage. Protein ~ Dairy~ Veggies~ Carbs all in one easy dish. Add a side of fresh tomatoes or fruit salad and you have the perfectly balanced brunch or dinner!

Treat your sweet-heart this Valentine’s Day with heart smart Turkey Breast tenderloin. This cut of turkey is virtually fat-free so indulge yourself. Pairs lovely with a spinach salad and slightly dry white wine. Add candles and romantic music a perfect evening guaranteed.  

Who doesn’t love Mac ‘n Cheese? Unfortunately, this yummy comfort food is high in fat and approximately 500 calories per serving.  We have adapted an old time favourite to be lower in fat and calories  and you get 2 servings of veggies, your dairy, fibre, and protein all in one guilt-free delicious meal. Ta Da! Turkey really does make it […]

This meal time favourite is great for the busy household. Quick and easy to prep. Dinner is ready in under 1 hour. This recipe can be frozen too. Just double the recipe and freeze one for another day. Bon Appétit!

A week night dinner made gourmet. Schnitzel is very versatile and can be used in many different dishes. In this recipe, the stuffed schnitzel, is visually pleasing when served sliced and your palate will agree.  

I really enjoy this dish with green beans or spinach salad. Almonds and these green veggies are always a winning combination. The almonds crisp up so the texture is a bit crunchy while the tenders are, well just so tender and juicy.

For easy stuffing, place bird drumstick end up in roaster and stuff body cavity. Fasten with skewers or sew closed with kitchen cord. (sometimes the legs can be tucked into the skin if not to thin). Loosely fill neck cavity with stuffing as well. Fold neck skin under turkey, weight of turkey should hold it […]

Be consistent with your flour when baking. Different brands vary in protein content and therefore will change the flavour and texture of your final product. Olives are a fruit. Try substituting olive oil when baking. Place an apple wedge with left over cake when refrigerating, this will help keep it moist Parchment paper makes your life […]

Pulled turkey is delicious, nutritious and so easy! Assemble in the morning and Tada! Dinner is ready when you get home.  A real party pleaser with the weather turning cooler, guaranteed to warm up a football or hockey party!  Adapt the recipe by adding your favourite veggies, mushrooms, peppers or spice it up by adding some hot sauce to it. I suggest using  turkey thighs if you prefer a […]