Large get togethers are popular in the Summer! When time is limited, this layered salad won’t go mushy so can be done hours ahead of serving time.

Tis the season!  Ontario Asparagus is in stores and local garden markets now. This Veggie is so healthy for you it just makes sense to serve with heart smart, delicious Turkey. Serve as a side, grilled with garlic butter, or wrap it with smoked Turkey breast with dill sauce. See recipe below.

Chilly? Eat Chili! Chili, one of winters favourite comfort foods for sure. Warm up your belly without enlarging it.  Make your favourite chili recipe with Turkey. It is low in fat and heart smart. Try this Chili Recipe from Turkey Farmers of Canada.

These Scot’s Eggs are made with Hayter’s Extra Lean Ground Turkey (dark meat). They are the perfect addition to your weekend breakfast or brunch. They also make a quick, healthy, portable lunch item. Delicious and Nutritious: High in Protein, Low Carb, Wheat-free, and Gluten-free. Recipe adapted by Linda Jones, Master Mentor/Coach,      

This recipe for Crock Pot dressing is so good you won’t even know it didn’t come out of the turkey. Using a crock pot verses stuffing the whole turkey also saves time in roasting time in the oven by at least 1-2 hours depending on the size of the turkey. Fill the cavity of the turkey […]

This easy to prepare recipe is delicious and perfect for any dinner guests. The stuffing is very flavourful with the cranberry and cream cheese combination. Recipe compliments of    

This casserole is a definite time saver. It is so easy to prepare. A real crowd pleaser loaded up with pasta and cheese!

Ah… those hot summer nights. Try this refreshing dinner on a hot day Guaranteed to cool your palette. Leftovers are delicious cold in a pasta salad for lunch next day.          

This amazing no cook Corn Relish pares perfectly with Turkey Sausage or Turkey Burger. For that summer fresh taste, use fresh cooked corn when available, either grilled or boiled and cut from the cob. Recipe Source: