Turkey make the criteria to be called a “Superfood”. Increase your “Superfood” dish by stirfrying with almonds, mushrooms, red pepper and onions. Pour some zesty low fat Italian dressing prior to serving, and Voila! A easy and nutritious stirfry chocked full of superfoods!

Fresh or thaw. Grill on medium for 10-15 minutes or until juices run clear. 4 varieties of sausage with NO FILLERS makes this 100% meat product a hearty meal any time of the year. The only challenge will be choosing from Maple, Honey Garlic, Hayter’s Original or Italian.

This delicious breast is the tenderloin inside the breast. Very tender and perfect for grilling on the bbq. Because it is skinless, we recommend brushing with olive oil before grilling and cook over a med low heat to prevent overcooking this succulent meat. Delicious as an entrée, served with Brocoli cheese Rice.

~Glass conducts heat better than metal, so lower oven temperature by 25 degrees if using glass. ~Wooden or Plastic cutting boards only, everything else dulls your knife. ~Put onions in freezer 20 minutes before chopping. This will help with the tears! ~To prevent discoloration of low acid foods once cut, squeeze ½ fresh lemon and toss […]

Be consistent with your flour when baking. Different brands vary in protein content and therefore will change the flavour and texture of your final product. Olives are a fruit. Try substituting olive oil when baking. Place an apple wedge with left over cake when refrigerating, this will help keep it moist Parchment paper makes your life […]

An old British term, spatchcocked, refers to the removal of the backbone of a bird so that it can be flattened prior to grilling or roasting. Today, this is also called flattening or butterflying. The advantages are many and the disadvantages few. The technique has been around for centuries but is enjoying a resurgence as […]

Garnish your food: eyes are the first to feast. A small amount of vinegar will enhance the flavor of anything you’re cooking; from chutney’s to poultry and even seafood. Add a touch of vinegar either during the marinating or cooking process. Onions can add flavour to just about every dish. A small amount of salt […]