There is nothing more delicious that a refreshing Wrap on a beautiful spring day. Just in time, try a Turkey Wrap with a unique sauce that will be sure to put a spring in your palate!


Flat Bread

Cooked Turkey Breast,

Light, spreadable cream cheese

1 cup Cranberry Sauce, not the jellied stuff

1/2 cup low fat Mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon minced garlic, I use the jar garlic

onion powder, to taste (or thinly sliced onions)

fresh ground black pepper

Romaine,(press on spine of romaine, easier to roll up) or Fresh Baby Spinach

Method of Preparation

Butter Flat Bread with cream cheese, arrange Hayter’s Turkey down the centre of the wrap, sprinkle with black pepper & onion powder, (or a few finely sliced onions) mix in a small container: mayo, Cranberry Sauce, garlic (use one with a lid for leftover condiment) spoon over the Turkey. Add Romaine lettuce or baby Spinach leaves on top of sauce Fold ends in and roll up. cut in half, diagonally, secure with fancy toothpicks and garnish with slices of english cucumber and red/orange fresh peppers. Voila! Your lunch is Delicious!