By now you have heard many times that Turkey is not just reserved for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. Today’s Ontario Turkey is available year round with many cuts available at your local grocer you can regularly choose from ground, breast, thigh, drums and wings. Your only limitation is your imagination. At our local store in Dashwood we take it one step […]

The holidays are here and that means that you’re probably getting ready to have friends and family stop in to celebrate the season at your home. If you are, there are some things to remember to help make the day happy, comfortable and cheery. Coat Check: Be ready for the influx of coats and boots […]

The countdown to the Grey Cup is on and that means that it’s time to start planning your party. The tradition of viewing parties for championship football games goes back generations. And throughout that time one thing has remained constant: FOOD.  When your friends and family ask you how your party was they want to know […]

You may be noticing an increase of boxed skillet suppers that advertise, “ just add meat and veggies” in the grocery store over the last couple years. Restaurants often have a skillet dish on their menu and even breakfast skillets are very popular now. For the most part, I enjoy a skillet dinner in restaurants as it is often make with fresh […]

Our children’s good health and wellbeing is paramount as parents. Good nutrition is a real blessing in our community. We have fresh meat, fruit and vegetables available year round so that following Canada’s Food Guide is made easier for our children to meet their dietary needs. But, that is ‘easier said than done’ sometimes.  Perhaps, you have a child that turns up […]

The Turkey Farmers of Ontario was involved in a new project from May 2012 to June 2013 with the focus of Building a Value Chain Partnership for the Development of New, Healthy, Turkey Sausage for Foodservice. The main objectives of this project was to create a new, healthy Ontario turkey sausage for the foodservice industry, taste panels […]

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in the grains wheat, rye, barley and triticale. It is also present in the ancient forms of wheat, known as kamut and spelt. This protein is responsible for the elasticity of dough that helps baked goods bind together. What is Gluten Free Foods? Foods that do not […]

Hayters Farm is featured in the July issue of Canadian Business Journal. We are pleased to have our story told by this magazine and invite our customers to read the whole article by clicking on the link below. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tom ,Joanne, Elaine, Justin, David and Sean. Harry and […]

Whether you marinade, tenderize or just add spices to your meat, the challenge can be keeping it healthy without compromising taste. Some bottled marinades and sauces contain a lot of added sugar, sodium or fat. If you use bottled sauce most of us read the nutrition label, but it is the portion size that can become the issue, […]