Ontario turkey is hitting the road this summer to spread the news that turkey makes a super-nutritious option all year. This summer their “Turkey on Tour” truck will be at grocery stores, festivals and other popular summertime destinations to hand out FREE TURKEY SLIDERS. What a great opportunity for people to taste how delicious and versatile […]

One of the most common mistakes in out door cooking is taking the frozen meat out to the BBQ on a plate and then using the same plate to bring the cooked meat to the table. I am so surprised to hear people say “Oh, it’s okay, the meat was frozen.” The plate still can have […]

The quick answer:  No… The term “BBQ” means different things to different people. When I hear grill I can almost smell the delicious aromas from neighbourhood Barbeques.   However, for many others grilling and BBQ are to NEVER be confused with one another.  In fact, many people misuse the term BBQ. It has come to be applied to […]

Ensuring you have a clean BBQ, (see below) and you haven’t smothered the meat in sugary sauce or marinades, the actual process of barbequing is a  healthier form of cooking, as the excess fat will drip off the meat verses cooking in oil, deep frying,  some types of roasting. The potential problem most back-yard chefs have is hot spots on […]

What type of feed Do your turkeys eat? Our feed consists of corn, soy, wheat, mineral and vitamin mix. A turkey is an Omnivore therefore, there is a small amount of meat protein included in this mix, so it is not a pure veggie diet. Are your turkey’s given hormones? No. Some marketers still classify their turkey as “hormone free.”  […]

Most of us consider, when we eat Turkey with the skin left on, it’s going to come back and bite us two-fold around our waistlines. Not so. In fact,  recent studies have shown that cooking poultry with the skin on seals in the natural juices and the fat from the skin does not seep into the […]

Excited about your latest dehydrator purchase because now you can brag to your friends that your Mangos and tomatoes have a longer shelf life than theirs? Well, before you start saying “I told you so”, ask yourself:

  Enter HAYTER’S FARM GRILLING CONTEST We are looking for YOUR famous BBQ TURKEY recipe. What has your family and friends raving for everytime you get together for a cook-out? We want to know! Share your recipe with us, be creative as possible. Submit your original recipe by email to info@haytersfarm.com.  Please put ‘CONTEST ENTRY’ […]