By now you have heard many times that Turkey is not just reserved for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. Today’s Ontario Turkey is available year round with many cuts available at your local grocer you can regularly choose from ground, breast, thigh, drums and wings. Your only limitation is your imagination. At our local store in Dashwood we take it one step further and offer all these cuts, plus a full line of  ready to cook turkey products. Choose from our own Maple Breakfast Patties, Meatballs, Dashwood Broil (adapted from the London Broil) Turkey Cordon Swiss, Teriyaki or Honey Garlic Tenderloin Filets,  Cutlets, Schnitzel, 4 varieties of gluten free sausages, Burgers, many varieties and sizes  of boneless roasts some available in oven ready pans.  With a full line of Deli Item, the difficult part will be choosing from our Pepperettes, Summer Sausage,  Kielbasa, Smoked Turkey Breast Frankfurters or Smoked Sausages.