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Let’s face it, meal time can be stressful any time of the year. With school activities starting and your family coming and going at different times, add in a fussy eater; well, that is stress! Here is a  here is a solution that should please everyone! “Make your own Turkey Nachos” Don’t pile all the ingredients in layers on […]

The ‘Ease and Please’ Boneless Roast. Just roast and serve. Delicious homemade turkey dinner without all the prep work. Perfect for turkey sandwiches, Stir-fry  and Cobb Salad. Available in 3lb, 5lb and 10lb Roast. Yield is 1/2lb per person.    

1. Look for the SIZE that best suits your needs. These guidelines will give you approximately 3lbs of leftovers. The ratio is based on adults. Reduce in half for young children: 4 to 10 people:  10 – 15lb (4 – 7 kg) 12 to 30 people:  16 –  26lb (9 – 12kg) We recommend  1lb per person for a turkey […]