The countdown to the Grey Cup is on and that means that it’s time to start planning your party.

The tradition of viewing parties for championship football games goes back generations. And throughout that time one thing has remained constant: FOOD.  When your friends and family ask you how your party was they want to know what you ate and how it was. This year, we’re sharing some great  turkey dishes to serve up for your Grey Cup party.

There’s never just one dish on the menu – everyone always contributes to the party. But you want to make sure your dish has people raving. We love the idea of putting new spins on classic meals.

It’s always a great idea to start with a sampling platter full of veggies and chips with dip. French Onion dip is always a crowd pleaser and Blue Cheese dip brings a tangy flavour to fresh vegetables like celery, carrots and bell peppers.

Since this year is the 101th celebration of the Grey Cup, we suggest that you tap into your creative side and present your veggie tray with the design of the Grey Cup trophy or your favourite team’s logo. Showing your support will never have been so tasty. And no matter where you live, you can give your team the love they deserve!

For the staple dishes, you want to make sure there is plenty to go around! You don’t want anyone leaving with an empty stomach. So, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that will warm your friend’s bellies and give them that energy boost to cheer on their team:

Touchdown Turkey Chili.

Chili is a classic football party food, and in the 3rd week of November the Canadian weather will almost certainly be calling for something hearty and hot to fill everyone up. Take a look at our great recipe to see how you can take a traditional chili recipe and give it a turkey twist for your guests. Serve it with fresh bread and cheese to make it a dish that people will not forget.

Halftime Pulled Turkey Nachos.

Before the chili bowls come out you’ll want to have something to offer your guests to go along with your veggie trays. We suggest this awesome spin on nachos that adds huge flavour. Check out our recipe and surprise your guests with a dish that we know they’re going to be talking about in the office on Monday! Offer salsa, sour cream, or guacamole on the side and give your guests an outstanding nacho platter.

The Grey Cup is a special sporting event looked forward to by all  Canadian sports fans.  Gather with friends, family and turkey to cheer for your team and share great food. From coast to coast, this is a reason to celebrate tradition or maybe start one of your own!

Enjoy and bon appetit!