Burger - tips1. Make perfectly round burgers by placing the ground in the small plastic deli containers. This will also stop  overworking the ground instead of forming by hand. They can be frozen for later use in these containers. Place frozen containers in hot water for a few minutes, remove lid and press on bottom of container and burgers will pop right out.

2. As a binder, add Fibre one cereal, crushed instead of bread crumbs. It adds the much needed fibre that we lack in our diets.

3.Don’t throw out crumbs in the bottom of cereal and cracker boxes. Put in zip-lock bags and freeze. Use for binder for burgers or meatloaf.

4. Want to make gourmet burgers, add real bacon bits to the raw mixture. Turkey bacon cut into small pieces is lower in fat and really yummy.

5. Add BBQ sauce in raw mixture instead of on top of burger.

6. Using an egg is all the binder you need if you want to make it gluten free!

7. Too much bun? Use small pita bread, warmed slightly on the grill. Use English muffins and make sliders!