Sandwich / Wrap Recipes

This amazing no cook Corn Relish pares perfectly with Turkey Sausage or Turkey Burger. For that summer fresh taste, use fresh cooked corn when available, either grilled or boiled and cut from the cob. Recipe Source:

My Rockin’ Turkey Burger is full of flavour and a favourite at our July 1st celebrations.  I like to serve it on a onion bun or pretzel bun and side of coleslaw. You can add cranberry sauce to the recipe instead of on top if you wish. Either way is a tasty way to add […]

A twist to the traditional burger. Turkey on your grill is becoming so popular. This burger is not only delicious, it’s healthy too. Chocked full of protein and veggies, serve on a whole wheat bun or pita. A delicious and healthy burger. It’s a guaranteed hit for sure.  

A light and flavourful wrap, perfect for a hot summer’s day. Get a calcium boost and serve with  a side of Balkan Yogurt.  Delicious!   

Naan bread is a great alternative for homemade pizza. Naan bread is a popular Indian/Asian flat bread used for many applications. You can purchase Naan bread at almost any grocery store. Pictured in photo is Hayter’s Turkey, grilled zucchini, sautéed red bell peppers, Italian herb tomatoes and red onions. A great Vegetarian option. Complimenting above […]

Enjoy this tasty mild Enchilada with turkey. Great with  ground turkey too! Spice it up with a shot or two of hot sauce or substitute medium salsa with Hot. Delicioso!  

A great way to use up leftover turkey and perfectly paired with apples that are in season right now. This tasty turkey salad sandwich will be a delicious  surprise using apples and cranberries to add flavor and texture.

  Lower calories, Fat & Sodium with my Homemade BBQ Sauce. It a healthier choice than the store brands and very tasty!  Use  honey instead of white sugar wherever you can in recipes. Honey is natural and really good for you. The beauty of this recipe is you can adapt it to whatever kind of  BBQ sauce you want. Mild, spicy or […]

Created by our own Dave Maguire, Hayter’s  HACCP coordinator. This favourite Turkey Fillet is  already marinated and awesome on the grill. He  has been paired with delicious Portobello mushrooms and blue cheese. It is absolutely delicious on a Panini or with fresh pasta and grilled Asparagus.