Dinner Recipes

Need a new salad idea? This one combines a unique dressing with red cabbage and turkey that will have everyone asking for this delicious recipe!  Of course a healthier,  lower fat alternative to ‘mayo’ laden traditional salads. Serve on a large plate or bowl, lined with lettuce leaves. This refreshing salad serves approximately 6 guests.

Having a theme party? Well, if Hawaiian is the fan favourite, our Hawaiian Turkey burger is a must serve. It will be so delicious I bet your family will be adding this to your BBQ favourite list this summer

  Lower calories, Fat & Sodium with my Homemade BBQ Sauce. It a healthier choice than the store brands and very tasty!  Use  honey instead of white sugar wherever you can in recipes. Honey is natural and really good for you. The beauty of this recipe is you can adapt it to whatever kind of  BBQ sauce you want. Mild, spicy or […]

This delicious meat is the tenderloin inside the breast. Very tender and perfect for grilling on the BBQ. It is virtually stress free, as it comes already marinaded ready for your grill. we recommend brushing with vegetable oil to avoid sticking to grill. Preheating the barbeque will also avoid meat from sticking. Grill tenderloin over medium  heat. Cook to juicy perfection […]

This is an all time favourite part of the turkey. This fillet is located in the breast, oblong in shape and is  from the inner part of the breast and is very tender.  This is Hayter’s Farm own recipe  and can also be purchased at your local market.  Ready for you to grill!

This lemon recipe is light and refreshing, not a heavy marinade which is perfect  for a late dinner or excellent in a Spinach Salad. Try it with Arugula. The nutty flavour of the Arugula and the mild lemon blends together quite nicely.

The weather is perfect for  grilling and who doesn’t love Kabobs on the Barbeque. Made with GROUND turkey makes this kabob recipe especially unique. The sauce is a very healthy alternative to some other traditional sauces as well. This delicious recipe was submitted by  Nadeem Hajee from Kitchener Ontario. A winner in our 2012 online contest.

Marinate Breast Kabobs in Garlic and Mango dressing  for 2 hours. Grill on medium heat. Brush with more dressing just prior to serving. You can save time by having Hayter’s  marinated Teriyaki Kabobs, succulent pieces of breast in our OWN recipe. A summer favourite with the Hayter Families. Delicious served with potato salad and corn on the […]

Love our Teriyaki Tenders? Well now you can make our delicious Teriyaki marinade in your own kitchen! Remember to never reuse  room temperature marinade that has been in raw meat as a sauce or glaze.