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Made with 100% Breast meat. Marinated with a perfect blend of Soya Sauce, White Grape Juice, onion and garlic. All ready for your BBQ. Excellent grilled with fresh zucchini, red peppers, shitake mushrooms and sweet onions. Delicious made easy!   http://www.haytersfarm.com/our-products/teriyaki/    

Garnish your food: eyes are the first to feast. A small amount of vinegar will enhance the flavor of anything you’re cooking; from chutney’s to poultry and even seafood. Add a touch of vinegar either during the marinating or cooking process. Onions can add flavour to just about every dish. A small amount of salt […]

1. A frozen turkey can be purchased the day before you plan to cook it.   True                           False   2. When shopping, the turkey should be the last thing you pick up before heading to the checkout. True                           False   3. When handling turkey and other food, hands should be rinsed in luke-warm water.   True                           False   […]

By now you have heard many times that Turkey is not just reserved for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. Today’s Ontario Turkey is available year round with many cuts available at your local grocer you can regularly choose from ground, breast, thigh, drums and wings. Your only limitation is your imagination. At our local store in Dashwood we take it one step […]

The holidays are here and that means that you’re probably getting ready to have friends and family stop in to celebrate the season at your home. If you are, there are some things to remember to help make the day happy, comfortable and cheery. Coat Check: Be ready for the influx of coats and boots […]

The countdown to the Grey Cup is on and that means that it’s time to start planning your party. The tradition of viewing parties for championship football games goes back generations. And throughout that time one thing has remained constant: FOOD.  When your friends and family ask you how your party was they want to know […]