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The ‘Ease and Please’ Boneless Roast. Just roast and serve. Delicious homemade turkey dinner without all the prep work. Perfect for turkey sandwiches, Stir-fry  and Cobb Salad. Available in 3lb, 5lb and 10lb Roast. Yield is 1/2lb per person. http://www.haytersfarm.com/our-products/seasoned/    

1. Look for the SIZE that best suits your needs. These guidelines will give you approximately 3lbs of leftovers. The ratio is based on adults. Reduce in half for young children: 4 to 10 people:  10 – 15lb (4 – 7 kg) 12 to 30 people:  16 –  26lb (9 – 12kg) We recommend  1lb per person for a turkey […]

Let’s face it, standing out back over the barbecue is much better than standing in the kitchen over the oven during summer. It’s less hot and meals seem easier to cook. With summer just around the corner and warmer days ahead (fingers crossed), it’s a sure bet you’ll be spending more time grilling turkey burgers […]

Summer is here and we are so ready for it. Bring on the sunshine and back yard BBQ parties with family and friends. Our Teriyaki Kabobs is made with our own marinade recipe of white grape juice, soy sauce, canola oil, onion & garlic spices blended together and tenderized to perfection. Of course if you have a favourite marinade […]

If you’re stuck on what protein to add to your dinners, turkey should be highly considered. Depending on how turkey is prepared  It is  low in fat and can be prepared in so many healthy ways. Here are a few nutritional facts about turkey that you might not have known: Protein Power Just one serving […]

It’s still April and the temperature is climbing ever so slowly…but rest assured, soon it will be 25 degrees outside, friends and family will be dropping in with drinks and salad in hand ready to enjoy the great outdoors we have been waiting far to long for. Outside, the barbecue is firing on all gas cylinders and the smoke fills the […]