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OIMP Awards Banquet Honours Members GUELPH, ON – October 24, 2016 – Ontario Independent Meat Processors came together for their biennial conference, The Meating Place, at Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville this past weekend, with the highlight being the awards banquet held Saturday night.  The Meat Industry Achievement (MIA) Award was presented to Hayter’s Farm of Dashwood, Ontario, by Kevin Schinkel of Schinkel’s Legacy, the 2014 MIA recipient. Hayter’s is a family-owned turkey farm in Dashwood, Ontario, where three generations of the Hayter family have devoted their passion for premium quality for over 60 years. Hayter’s Farm, a poult-to-plate integrated operation, is the only turkey farm in Canada that raises birds and processes products on-site. By managing every step, they can ensure the best practices for their birds, environment, and customers.About the Ontario Independent Meat Processors Ontario Independent Meat Processors (OIMP) is the representative voice of the independent meat and poultry processor in Ontario, working closely with agricultural and commodity organizations and various levels of government since 1979. The association’s membership includes meat and poultry processors, retailers and wholesalers; industry suppliers, and not-for-profit organizations that support OIMP’s objectives.
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What is Tandoori?

September 30, 2016Recipes

Tandoori originally referred to cooking food by slow-roasting it in a clay oven, or tandoor. In the West, tandoori has come to mean a specific flavor rather than a method of cooking. Even if you do not have a clay oven or pot, you can use this seasoning to make tandoori-style turkey or poultry. Rub […]

Whether you are enjoying your long week-end by the lake or back-yard be sure to add Turkey to the menu. Hayter’s Turkey has a variety of options to tempt your palate. Our Breast Fillets are ready for the grill, marinated with Honey Garlic {made with Ontario Garlic} or our in-house created Teriyaki recipe. Whatever you choose, turkey will be a hit for sure. Turkey thighs or […]

WHAT MAKES TURKEY A SUPERFOOD*? Superfoods are packed full of essential nutrients and minerals, with none of the excessive fat and calories that can negatively impact health. SUPER DELICIOUS, SUPER NUTRITIOUS Turkey is such a nutritional powerhouse that it is the only meat protein to have ever been labeled a superfood*. This tasty, lean protein […]

We recommend  1lb per person for a turkey under 18lb  and  1/2lb per person for turkeys over 20lbs (the larger the turkey, the more meat you yield) Look for the SIZE that best suits your needs. 1. These guidelines will give you approximately 3lbs of leftovers. The ratio is based on adults. Reduce in half for young […]

Let’s face it, meal time can be stressful any time of the year. With school activities starting and your family coming and going at different times, add in a fussy eater; well, that is stress! Here is a  here is a solution that should please everyone! “Make your own Turkey Nachos” Don’t pile all the ingredients in layers on […]